Article 5

The tasks of the Association are as follows:

1.Organize market expansions, issue market information, popularize industry products and services, carry out industry training and provide consulting services;

2.Bring forward suggestions about formulating technology standards to governments in Asia Pacific region;

3.Carry out industry statistics and surveys, release industry information and certificate of accreditation etc., as entrusted by governments in any Asia Pacific countries;

4.Promote the development of new technologies, processes and materials, publish economic & technology trends, research reports and publications;

5.Strengthen connection with relevant organizations across Asia Pacific; carry out economic and technical cooperation, etc.;                                                                   

6. Hold seminar and technique forums regularly, including organizing or hosting relevant exhibitions of this industry.


Article 6

Service scope of the Association: information and academic exchanges, technical consultation, project evaluation, quality standards, market service, education and training services.


Article 7

The principles of activities held by the Association:

1.The Association holds activities in line with the authorized Charter;

2.The Association holds activities under the principle of honesty and trustworthiness and justice and fairness.




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