Article 22

Source of the funds for the Association:

1.Membership dues;


3.Financial support from the governments for commissioned tasks;

4.Income from authorized activities and services;


6.Other legitimate income.


Article 23

The funds for the Association must be used for the development of the Association and business permitted in the Charter. It cannot be distributed among members.


Article 24

The Association has a tight financial management system to ensure that the accounting data is accurate and complete, and can meet the legal standards as well as reflect actual use of the assets.


Article 25

The assets management of the Association adopts tight financial management system set by the Government of the USA and is under the supervision of the General Assembly and Finance Department. Assets appropriated by governments, donated and subsidized by social organizations are under the supervision of auditing office of the government and the results of auditing shall be announced to members of the Association in appropriate ways.


Any organization or individual cannot divide or misappropriate the assets of the Association.




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